7 comments on “VtES Rules: “Shadow Court Satyr” Q&A

  1. See there is an unexpected moment. Nothing about the Shadow Court Satyr says that the card put onto the Satyr must have a discipline or that the Satyr must use a discipline when it uses a card. This again seems to be a prime example of the “Unwritten Golden Rule” of VTES: “Whatever LSJ says beats everything else, even if it isn’t on the card.”

    “If that card requires a vampire (helper text), he may use it as a vampire with the basic level of the Discipline (IF ANY).” I would have thought that the “if any” would allow the Satyr to use a card that requires no disciplines.

    • Satyr’s can use cards that doesn’t require disciplines. But if the card has requirements they need to be met, for disciplines there’s text that allows the Satyr to “fake it” but for other requirements (being a vampire/anarch/Gangrel Antitribu/etc) there’s no text.
      This again seems to be a prime example of the “I didn’t read the card text and ruling”.

      • Taste of Vitae??
        Last time I checked it is a disciplineless combat card which can be played by a vampire but cannot be played by a Shadow Court Satyr (as written in Extrala’s post)

  2. Thanks for all the input. I have corrected the question #2 and added another one regarding Amaranth. I hope i have it right this time.

    Another reason why I don’t like Google Groups/Search for the Usenet Newsgroup. It’s so damn hard to get these rulings/clarifications/questions in good order.

  3. I really like how you bother to edit your posts to reflect any necessary changes instead of leaving it in the comments.

    Two thumbs up!

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