5th Edition — Nosferatu Precon

Deck Name: 5th Edition (2020) — Nosferatu
Created By: Black Chantry
Description: Nosferatu Preconstructed Starter Deck from the VTES 5th Edition (2020)

Crypt [12 cards]

1x Aunt Linda
1x Baixinho
2x Belinde
1x The Dowager
1x Horace Radcliffe
2x Larissa Moreira
2x Lenny Burkhead
1x Ryan
1x Wauneka

Library [77 cards]

Master [12 cards]
1x Fame
1x Guardian Angel
1x Haven Uncovered
1x The Labyrinth
1x Rebel
1x Slum Hunting Ground
1x Smiling Jack, the Anarch
1x Warsaw Station
4x Vessel

Action [12 cards]
4x Creeping Sabotage
6x Deep Song
2x Preternatural Strength

Ally [2 cards]
2x Underbridge Stray

Retainer [4 cards]
2x Murder of Crows
2x Raven Spy

Action Modifier [4 cards]
4x Lost in Crowds

Combat [18 cards]
2x Carrion Crows
4x Immortal Grapple
8x Roundhouse
4x Taste of Vitae

Reaction [25 cards]
4x Cat’s Guidance
4x Guard Dogs
4x Instinctive Reaction
5x On the Qui Vive
4x Protected District
4x The Warrens