Deck Archetypes

This is a list of articles on different deck archetypes in Vampire: The Eternal Struggle which you can frequently encounter in VTES constructed tournaments. The decks are assigned to category where it fit most bests, although sometimes decks share aspects of multiple categories:

Currently the articles are being overhauled, and I plan to post one updated article each week. The new versions are marked bold (and have reference to the original article). Last Update: 06/February/2016.

6 comments on “Deck Archetypes

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  3. Hey there,
    Not sure if you ever have any plans of revisiting the deck archetypes. I started playing VTES about a year ago, and this section of your blog is incredibly helpful to me. It’s just such a great resource. I’d love to see some updates on other archetypes (Tzimisce Wall, Ashur-Liquid, etc).

    • Short answer: Yes, but no ETA.
      Long answer: I have lately started to work on the blog at bit more than in the past two year, and one the pages I have taken a look at actually was the Deck Archetype page. Also I have had already started on a couple of updates of these posts quite a while ago, but due to my waning interest in VTES didn’t finish them. I plan to update them in the future, but I can’t give you an exact deadline I intend to hold .. it may take a while.

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