The various publishers of VTES cards (Wizard of the Coast, White Wolf, VEKN and now the Black Chantry) release VTES cards in base sets, expansion sets and mini expansion sets. The main difference between these are the size of the set and the number of reprints.

  • Base sets contain booster packs as well as a number of pre-constructed starter decks (ranging from 3 to 6). The starter decks contain 89 cards (with 77 library and 12 crypt cards) as well as a rule booklet. The booster packs contain 11 cards (in newer sets, often with 7 common, 3 vampire and 1 rare card, but refer to the table below). The base set should provide a new player with a number of cards to be able to build a wide variety of decks. A base set usually contains a high percentage of reprinted cards from earlier expansions.
  • Expansion sets contain booster packs and may contain a number of pre-constructed starter decks. The distribution of cards in boosters and starters is similar to a base set. They feature also a particular theme. New players are usually not able to build a large number of different decks with only cards from this expansion’s boosters due to the lack of basic cards provided either in the starters or in a base set. The number of reprints is low and usually restricted to the pre-constructed starter decks.
  • Mini-Expansion sets contains only booster packs and the number of cards are restricted to 60 new cards (20 rare, 20 uncommon and 20 common cards).
  • As intermediate solution between 2013 and 2016) the VEKN published and distributed new expansions as PDFs, which the players can print (in color) & put in front of a regular VTES card. By this, the cards become tournament legal. Because there are no boosters or starters sold, there’s no distribution scheme (common, uncommon, rare) anymore.
  • In 2017 Black Chantry has started to release reprinted and new cards in the form of print-on-demand and fixed card expansions (LCG).

More information on individual expansions and card checklists can also be found on

This is a summary of the previously published VTES sets and expansions:

Expansion Name Type Symbol Code Release Date Total cards New Cards Booster Distribution
Wizards of the Coast
Jyhad Base (none) Jyhad 16 Aug 1994 437 437 11C, 4V, 3U, 1R
Vampire: The Eternal Struggle Base (none) VTES 15 Sep 1995 436 6 11C, 4V, 3U, 1R
Dark Sovereigns Expansion Gothic window DS 15 Dec 1995 (173) 173 8C, 4V, 3U
Ancient Hearts Expansion Eye of Horus AH 29 May 1996 (179) 179 6C, 4V, 2U/R
Sabbat Expansion Calligraphy S Sabbat 28 Oct 1996 (410) 340 16C, 5V, 5U, 2R
White Wolf
Sabbat War Base Inverted spiked ankh SW 31 Oct 2000 437 (300) 77 5C, 3V, 2U, 1R or
4C, 3V, 3U, 1R
Final Nights Expansion Broken ankh FN 11 Jun 2001 386 (162) 170 7C, 3V, 1R
Bloodlines Expansion Ankh on red blood spatter BL 3 Dec 2001 (196) 196 7C, 3V, 1R
Camarilla Edition Base Ankh CE 19 Aug 2002 547 (385) 115 5C, 3V, 2U, 1R
Anarchs Expansion Combined CE/SW ankhs Anarchs 19 May 2003 260 (132) 128 7C, 3V, 1R
Black Hand Expansion Handprint BH 17 Nov 2003 286 (136) 145 7C, 3V, 1R
Gehenna Expansion Stylised clock Gehenna 17 May 2004 (150) 150 7C, 3V, 1R
Tenth Anniversary Special Foil “10” Tenth 13 Dec 2004 190 10
Kindred Most Wanted Expansion Gun KMW 21 Feb 2005 314 (150) 162 7C, 3V, 1R
Legacies of Blood Expansion Split ankh (black) LoB 14 Nov 2005 461 (300) 236 7C, 3V, 1R
Nights of Reckoning Mini expansion Cross with circle NoR 10 Apr 2006 (60+17) 60 6C, 3V, 1R, 1X
Third Edition Base Tri-snake biohazard Third 4 Sep 2006 537 (390) 160 5C, 3V, 2U, 1R
Sword of Caine Mini expansion Bundle of swords SoC 19 Mar 2007 (60) 60 7C, 3V, 1R
Lords of the Night Expansion Crown LotN 26 Sep 2007 295 (150) 175 7C, 3V, 1R
Blood Shadowed Court Special Silver ankh BSC 16 April 2008 100 0
Twilight Rebellion Mini expansion Tri-snake on Red Star TR 28 May 2008 (60) 60 7C, 3V, 1R
Keepers of Tradition Base Castle tower KoT 19 Nov 2008 457 (398) 176 5C, 3V, 2U, 1R
Ebony Kingdom Mini expansion Split ankh (white) EK 27 May 2009 (62) 60 4C, 3V, 1R, 3C
Heirs to the Blood Expansion Three blood drops HttB 3 Feb 2010 TBD (168) 168 7C, 3V, 1R
Danse Macabre PDF exp. Fanged skull DM 5 Oct 2013 34 34 n/a
The Unaligned PDF exp. Broken column TU 4 Oct 2014 72 72 n/a
2015 Storyline Rewards PDF exp. (None) 21 Feb 2015 12 12 n/a
Anarchs Unbound PDF exp. Camarilla in flames AU 17 Jan 2016 40 40 n/a
Black Chantry
Berlin Anthology Fixed/PoD Brandenburg Gate (BAnt) 11 May 2017 100 12?
Lost Kindred Fixed/PoD Bleeding eye LK 5 May 2018 41 41
Keepers of Tradition (Reprint) Fixed/PoD Art-deco window KoT 5 May 2018 240 3
Heirs to the Blood (Reprint) Fixed/PoD Art-deco window HttB 14 July 2018 240 0
Anthology I Fixed/PoD Latin no.1 (Ant1) 2019 89 0
Sabbat (2019) Fixed/Starter Art-deco window (S19) 16 Feb 2019 126 8
25th Anniversary Set Fixed/Starter Foil “25” (25th) 16 Aug 2019 120 1
First Blood Fixed/Demo Pawn FB 01 Oct 2019 ??? 0

All expansion sets from Dark Sovereigns expansion onward are identified by an expansion symbol printed in the upper right corner of cards. In newsgroups and on web pages character codes are used to identify each set, usually an abbreviation of the expansion’s name. Typically also promotional cards often lack an expansion symbol.

The VEKN has similar set of web pages on VEKN.net, which list the expansions and their contents. For the Black Chantry expansions their product page can also serve as reference.

Last Update: 18/Jan/2020

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