Sword of Caine

The Sabbat calls itself the Sword of Caine because it favors an honest fight to feigning subservience to mortal morality, the Sabbat calls itself the Sword of Caine. The edge of this sword is the Black Hand, the faithful martial arm of Sabbat society. Some in the Sabbat worry, though, that the Hand is granted too much freedom and may no longer be content to take orders. Does the Sword command the Hand, or does the Hand wield the Sword?

Sword of Caine (SoC) is the twelfth expansion of White Wolf’s trading card game Vampire: The Eternal Struggle released on March 19, 2007. The expansion’s theme is the Black Hand, a militant group within the vampire sect Sabbat. The Sabbat calls itself the Sword of Caine and the Black Hand is the sharp edge of this sword, executing the “justice” of Caine, the legendary founder of the vampire race in the fictional world of Vampire: The Masquerade. The expansion continues the support for the Black Hand started in the expansion with the same name.


This expansion consists only of booster packs with 11 cards each (7 common, 3 uncommon, and 1 rare). There is a total of 60 new cards, i.e. 20 new common, 20 uncommon (= vampires) and 20 rare cards. The vampire Kestrelle Hayes (also included in this set) was given as a promo card in a number of trading card magazines.

Notable Cards

  • The Uncoiling — an event which allows to cancel other events retroactively.
  • Veil the Legions — an action modifier requiring Obfuscate which provides stealth for the current action as well as for future actions in the same turn.

External References

Commercial Information

Name Contents SKU Price (MSRP)
Booster Display 36 boosters WW-2759 $107.64
Booster 11 cards WW-2760 $2.99

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