5th Edition — Tremere Precon

Deck Name: 5th Edition (2020) — Tremere
Created By: Black Chantry
Description: Tremere Preconstructed Starter Deck from the VTES 5th Edition (2020)

Crypt [12 cards]

2x Ayelech
1x Chrysanthemum
2x Inez Tristao
1x Lauren
1x Lloyd Brooks
1x Nassir
1x Patrik Söderberg
1x Rosalina Cortez
2x Trevon Parker

Library [77 cards]

Master: (11 cards)
1x Academic Hunting Ground
1x Arcane Library
1x Chantry
1x Misdirection
1x Pentex Subversion
1x Wasserschloss Anif, Austria
4x Vessel
1x Wider View

Action: (14 cards)
12x Govern the Unaligned
2x Magic of the Smith

Equipment: (4 cards)
1x .44 Magnum
1x Bowl of Convergence
1x Kevlar Vest
1x Sport Bike

Action Modifier: (12 cards)
6x Bonding
6x Mirror Walk

Combat: (14 cards)
4x Apportation
10x Theft of Vitae

Reaction: (22 cards)
4x Deflection
6x Eyes of Argus
4x On the Qui Vive
2x Precognition
2x The Spirit’s Touch
4x Telepathic Misdirection