Lords of the Night — Assamites Precon

Deck Name: Assamite Preconstructed Starter
Author: L. Scott Johnson
Description: Assamite Preconstructed Starter from Lords of the Night.

Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity min: 3 max: 10 average: 6.5

2x Evan Rogers cel qui 3 Assamite:4
2x Bertrand d’Anjou aus cel qui 4 Assamite:4
2x Layla bint-Nadr CEL OBF qui 5 Assamite:4
2x Kashan CEL OBF QUI obt pre 7 Assamite:4
2x Dmitri Borodin AUS CEL NEC QUI obf 10 Assamite:4
2x Thucimia CEL DEM OBF QUI for pro 10 Assamite:4

Library [77 cards]

Action [15 cards]
4x Clandestine Contract
2x Flurry of Action
1x Haqim’s Law: Leadership
1x Khabar: Glory
3x Loss
1x Songs of the Distant Vitae
1x Truth of Blood
2x Web of Knives Recruit

Action Modifier [3 cards]
2x Deed the Heart’s Desire
1x Mask of a Thousand Faces

Action Modifier/Combat [5 cards]
2x Resist Earth’s Grasp
3x Swallowed by the Night

Action Modifier/Reaction [4 cards]
3x Blood Awakening
1x Provision of the Silsila

Combat [25 cards]
1x Baal’s Bloody Talons
3x Gemini’s Mirror
2x Khabar: Honor, The
4x Pursuit
4x Scorpion’s Touch
4x Selective Silence
1x Shadow Feint
3x Taste of Death
3x Weighted Walking Stick

Equipment [2 cards]
2x Garrote

Event [1 cards]
1x Dragonbound

Master [10 cards]
1x Frontal Assault
1x Haqim’s Law: Judgment
1x Market Square
2x Path of Blood, The
1x Quietus
1x Tajdid
1x Underworld Hunting Ground
2x Vessel

Political Action [1 cards]
1x Free States Rant

Reaction [11 cards]
3x Black Sunrise
2x Foul Blood
1x Lost in Translation
2x Nest of Eagles
3x Rooftop Shadow

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