Reasonably Priced Decks

After thinking about what to do with my surplus VTES cards, I threw together a couple of 60 cards beginner’s decks. The decks are usually clan-based and consists mainly of common cards (taken from the Black Hand Edition and onwards). The background and idea is described in more detail in the Reasonably Priced Decks article.

Currently finished are the following decks based on Sabbat clans:

In progress/planning are the following decks based on Independent clans:

  • Assamite — ???
  • Followers of Set Anarch Bleed — in play-test
  • Giovanni Pot/For/Dom Bruise & Bleed — in play-test
  • Ravnos — ???

Last Update: June 2nd, 2015.

Post Scriptum: Currently I am only selling those decks within Germany, and usually only during tournaments I attend. The reason for this is, that I try to avoid the extra work (packaging, going to the post office & handling the payment). Plus I only have a very small stock of decks ..

10 comments on “Reasonably Priced Decks

  1. Any chance you can post your test versions of the Tremere and Gangrel antitribu decks? I am very curious. Thanks!

  2. I have tested/played both Gangrel and Tremere antitribu decks. I am sufficiently satisfied with the Tremere antitribu deck, but the Gangrel antitribu deck (despite various different approaches) is still giving me headaches.

  3. There seems to be a linking mistake. The link to the Malkavian Antitribu deck leads to the Nosferatu Antitribu deck.

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