Duffin Draft

Duffin Draft is a cheap, fast and fun variant of regular drafting in VTES. The rules were invented by Joshua Duffin (hence the name). Beside the usual VtES, there are a couple of additional rules in effect:

A. Drafting

  • Each player provides 1 eleven card booster.
  • Normal booster draft follows, i.e. take 1 pass left.
  • Repeat until out of cards.
  • You must play with all of the cards you draft.
  • If you fail to draft any vampires, you will be ousted quickly.

B. Changes in play

  • Each player has 12 pool.
  • If a player is below hand size and has an empty library, he may use a discard phase action to reshuffle his ashheap into his library (draw up to hand size).
  • A player gets 4 pool for ousting his prey.
  • Each player has unlimited transfers in his influence phase.

Addendum: Double Duffin Draft

  • This is small extension to the “single” Duffin Draft rules. Each player provides two boosters; the first pass is to the left, the second to the right.

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