Danse Macabre

VTES_Danse_Macabre_LogoDanse Macabre (DA) is the eighteenth expansion of White Wolf’s trading card game Vampire: The Eternal Struggle, and the first PDF-only expansion & solely developed by the VEKN. It was published on October 5, 2013. The expansion’s theme are is the Sabbat again.


  • The expansion consists of 34 cards, 12 library and 22 crypt cards. When using Danse Macabre cards the players must be color printed on standard paper and inserted into opaque sleeves before another VTES or Jyhad card. This requires opaque sleeves for the whole crypt and/or library.


  • Recruitment Excercise — requiring a Black Hand vampire the card lets you fetch another crypt to your uncontrolled region.
  • Under Siege — the card requires a titled Sabbat vampire, which let’s you untap several times during the upcoming turns.

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