Keepers of Tradition (Reprint)

The firm hand rules all

“The Camarilla is an exclusive organization of vampires that speaks for and legislates its members all over the world (at least, in theory). Bound by a number of Traditions detailing the creation, behavior and destruction of Kindred, the sect also strives to hide to existence of all vampire activity from mortal eyes. This deception, called the Masquerade, is at the core of the Camarilla’s existence; the struggle to universally uphold the Masquerade is what drives much of the sect’s policy and direction.”

On July 14th, 2018, Black Chantry released a reprint of the 2008 VTES expansion “Keepers of Tradition“. The reprint release did not follow the original format/packaging (starter decks and boosters), but instead released the cards in two bundles. The bundles contain a fixed set of cards, and only cards, that were released with the original Keepers of Tradition for the 1st time. The set can be purchased both in shops as well as print-on-demand product (DriveThruCards).


  • 120 cards in each bundle.
    • KoT Bundle 1 contains 33 library cards and 87 crypt cards of clans Brujah, Gangrel, Malkavian and Nosferatu.
    • KoT Bundle 2 contains 35 library cards and 85 crypt cards of clans Toreador, Tremere, Ventrue and the outcast Caitiff.

Notable New Cards

  • Osric Vladislav was left out of the original Keepers of Tradition print run and are made available in the 1st bundle for the first time.
  • Gwendolyn Fleming and Hiram “Hide” DeVries were also left out of the original Keepers of Tradition print run and are made available in the 2nd bundle for the first time.

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Commercial Information

  • SKU: VAWODLWDIOBC0003 (KoT Bundle 1)
  • SKU: VAWODLWDIOBC0003 (KoT Bundle 2)
  • Original Price (MSRP): €22-24 / $24 each