Legacies of Blood

Most Western vampires know little about the Bloodlines and even less about the Cainites of sub-Saharan African — the Laibon. Many believe these exotic clans of vampires are just myths. You know better, and the advantage is yours.

Fifteen clans in all, from the wandering Akunanse to the righteous Salubri, the wild Ahrimane to the hedonistic Ishtarri, are ready to shake up the game, once more.

Legacies of Blood (LoB) is the ninth expansion of White Wolf, Inc.’s trading card game Vampire: The Eternal Struggle released on November 14, 2005. The expansion’s theme is the Laibon sect consisting of vampires native to Africa. The expansion features four new clans, namely Akunanse, Ishtarri, Guruhi and Osebo. In addition the support of the minor clans (like Ahrimanes or Samedi) from the Bloodlines expansion is continued in this expansion.


Part of the expansion are four different pre-constructed decks with 89 cards each as well as boosters with 11 cards each (7 common, 3 uncommon, and 1 rare). There is a total of 201 new and 99 reprinted cards. The pre-constructed decks are:

  • Akunanse (SL) –- tricksters and storytellers; offshoots of the Gangrel clan.
  • Guruhi (SL) –- the nobility of the Laibon; offshoots of the Nosferatu clan.
  • Ishtarri (SL) -– the emotional artists and social elite of the Laibon; offshoots of the Toreador clan.
  • Osebo (SL) -– the hot-tempered warriors of the Laibon; offshoots of the Brujah clan.

The vampires Angelo and Genina, The Red Poet (both not included in this set) were given as a promo cards in a number of trading card magazines. Initially due to printing error the vampire Kisha Bhimji was missing from the set, but was given later as tournament promo card.


  • Reflex — a new type of card allowing the vampire to play this card in response to other cards even though the vampire is tapped.
  • Laibon — is a new sect other than the already existing Camarilla, Sabbat and Independent sects.
  • Magaji and Kholo — are new titles which only vampires of the Laibon sect can hold.

Notable Cards

  • No Secrets From the Magaji — a card that allows a vampire holding the Magaji title to block as if untapped, allowing effective wall decks..
  • Saulot, The Wanderer — the Antediluvian vampire of clan Salubri.
  • Tupdog — non-unique Gargoyle vampires with a short lifespan, but tremendous fighting power.

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Commercial Information

Name Contents SKU Price (MSRP)
Starter Display 8 starter decks (each type twice) WW-2691 $79.92
Booster Display 36 boosters WW-2681 $107.64
Akunanse starter deck 89 cards and rulebook WW-2693 $9.99
Guruhi starter deck 89 cards and rulebook WW-2694 $9.99
Ishtarri starter deck 89 cards and rulebook WW-2695 $9.99
Osebo starter deck 89 cards and rulebook WW-2696 $9.99
Booster 11 cards WW-2686 $2.99

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