Jyhad pits rival vampires against each other in a struggle for control over the sinister World of Darkness You are an ancient Methuselah using political manipulation and force to dominate other vampires and drain your opponents’ blood pool. Join the Jyhad, where blood is your weakness… and your ultimate weapon.

The limited edition of the base set of Vampire: The Eternal Struggle was released under a different name: Jyhad. The Jyhad edition cards are compatible with the V:TES cards, although they have different designs on the backs of their cards.

The set consists of 437 cards. Some cards in the Jyhad edition (Camille Devereux, Chainsaw, Concealed Weapon, Monocle of Clarity, Movement of the Slow Body, Rotschreck, and Rowan Ring) were not printed in the unlimited (V:TES) edition. Some others were renamed, as indicated in the lists below.


  • 437 cards, including ..

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Starter Display 10 starters WOC-16001 $89.50
Starter 76 cards WOC-6001 $8.95
Booster Display 36 boosters WOC-16002 $99.00
Booster 19 cards WOC-6002 $2.75