Pre-Constructed Decks

The VTES base sets (published after 2000) contained not only booster packs, but a number of pre-constructed starter decks (ranging from 3 to 6 different decks) as well. The starter decks always contain 89 cards (with 77 library and 12 crypt cards), typically also with a rule booklet. The starter decks often contain reprinted cards or cards included in the booster packs. Only a small portion of the starters contained vampires which were only available from these starters.

The list below contains all pre-constructed decks from the past VTES expansions. The link refers to the actual deck lists on Secret Library (from which the list below was assembled):

Last Update: 11/Jun/2019.

8 comments on “Pre-Constructed Decks

  1. Are any of these decks better than others? Like something I could build for a new playgroup and call it good? Or something someone with good play-skill and bad deck construction could use?

  2. Yes, the last four decks in the Sabbat (2019) section were linked incorrectly. I just forgot enter the other 3 decks to Secret Library.

    Thanks for the hint, Christophe, appreciated.

  3. About the quality of the decks, as a general rule of thumb, it’s that the newer the Pre-Constructed is the better they are. While the earlier decks from Sabbat (2000) or Final Nights are not really good at all. The latest decks, especially from the Sabbat (2019) and Keepers of Tradition are quite reasonable decks. The decks for the bloodlines (e.g. Heirs of the Blood) are a mixed bag, generally I wouldn’t recommend them to new players, because they have a wide discipline spread.

  4. Anarch deck links don’t work. I have searched these decks in and haven’t found them either…

    Great job btw!

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