Ancient Hearts

Ancient Hearts (AH) is the second expansion of White Wolf’s trading card game Vampire: The Eternal Struggle released on May 29, 1996 — then published by Wizards of the Coast. The expansion’s theme are the vampires of North Africa and the Near East. The set introduced the vampire clans Followers of Set and Assamites.


This expansion consists only of booster packs with 12 cards each (6 common, 4 vampire, and 2 rare/uncommon). There is a total of 179 new cards.


  • Quietus, Serpentis — are two new disciplines (powers).

Notable Cards

  • Dreams of the Sphinx — a multi-purpose master card giving the player either pool (life) or two additional cards for one turn.
  • Memories of Mortality — a master card protecting allies from damage of the vampire the card is played on. (The card was later banned due to its power).
  • The Parthenon — a master card allowing to play an additional master card each turn.
  • Protect Thine Own — a political action that burns a non-Camarilla vampire if the vote is successful. (The card was later banned due to its power).
  • Temptation — an action card requiring Serpentis that allows temporary control of another vampire.
  • Mirembe Kabbada — a vampire of clan Gangrel with an unusual, yet interesting combination of disciplines (powers).

External References

Commercial Information

Name Contents SKU Price (MSRP)
Booster Display 45 boosters WOC-16053 $101.25
Booster 12 cards WOC-6053 $2.25

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