Heirs to the Blood — Reprint Bundle 2

The Heirs to the Blood Reprint Bundle 2 is a 2018 re-release of the cards from the original Heirs of Blood expansion (2010). This bundle is a fixed assortment of 120 cards, that is 56 library cards and 64 crypt cards of clans Ahrimanes, Daughters of Cacophony, Kiasyd, Salubri, Salubri antitribu and True Brujah.

Crypt (64 cards) Clan
2x Darlene Killian Ahrimanes
2x Dovey Ebfwe Ahrimanes
2x Helen Fairchild Ahrimanes
2x Sahana Ahrimanes
2x Sylvie Helgon Ahrimanes
2x Evil Jensen Daughters of Cacophony
2x Harlan Graves Daughters of Cacophony
2x Hillanvale Daughters of Cacophony
2x Janet Langer Daughters of Cacophony
2x Scout Youngwood Daughters of Cacophony
2x Arcadian, The Kiasyd
2x Greer Worder Kiasyd
2x Isanwayen Kiasyd
2x Myrna Goldman Kiasyd
2x Nitidas Kiasyd
2x Obaluaye Salubri
2x Matthew Salubri
2x Nahum Enosh Salubri
2x Serenna the White Salubri
2x Ariel Salubri antitribu
2x Azrael Salubri antitribu
2x Qawiyya el-Ghaduba Salubri antitribu
2x Silas Salubri antitribu
2x Uriel Salubri antitribu
2x Al-Muntathir, God’s Witness True Brujah
2x Lydia, Grand Praetor True Brujah
2x Mikael Birkholm True Brujah
2x Shalmath True Brujah
Library (56 cards) Type
2x Ailing Spirit, The Action
1x Amulet of Temporal Perception Equipment
1x Benefit Performance Political Action
1x Black Beast, The Combat
1x Blessing of the Beast Master
2x Charge of the Buffalo Action
1x Cheat the Fates Action
1x Code of Samiel Master
1x Command Performance Master
1x Dabbler Master
2x Dagger Equipment
2x Death Seeker Combat
1x Draeven Softfoot Ally
2x Ears of the Hare Reaction
2x Faerie Wards Reaction
1x Fanfare for Elysium Political Action
2x Gift of Sleep Action Modifier / Reaction
1x Great Symposium Master
2x Gremlins Action
1x Harmony Action
2x Hide the Heart Reaction
1x Joumlon’s Axe Equipment
1x Journal of Hrorsh Equipment
1x Lily Prelude Political Action
2x Lord of Serenity Action
2x Loving Agony Combat
1x Member of the Entourage Ally
2x Mole’s Tunneling Action Modifier
2x Morphean Blow Combat
1x New Moon Sigil Action
2x Outside the Hourglass Combat
1x Path of Harmony Master
2x Penitent Resilience Action Modifier / Combat
2x Pocket Out of Time Action Modifier
2x Safe Passage Action Modifier
1x Scarlet Lore Action
4x Shattering Crescendo Action
2x Spirit Claws Combat / Action
1x Tinglestripe Equipment
1x Vaticination Action
2x Virtuosa Action Modifier
1x Visionquest Action