Berlin Anthology

The Berlin Anthology set is a VTES expansion consisting of reprinted, highly sought-after cards (especially those from the White Wolf expansion Heirs to the Blood) as well as cards that previously had been only released via PDF. The set was published for the occasion of the 2017 European VTES Championship in Berlin on May 12th, 2017, and consists of a fixed set of 100 cards.

The Berlin Anthology set was later reprinted as the Anthology I set, but it was then trimmed down to 89 cards (most likely to make it fit into the regular VTES card boxes). Apart from the 11 card difference (9 crypt and 2 library cards), some the Berlin Anthology library cards also got new artwork, that had been created specifically for this set. The Anthology I set then showed the original artwork for these cards again. Additionally, the Anthology I set was sold in a regular card box, while the Berlin Anthology was only sold as shrink-wrapped product.

The only card that is exclusive to the Berlin Anthology set is “The Line”, all other cards have either been reprints of existing cards or from a previous PDF expansion.


  • The expansion consists of 100 cards, that is 52 library and 48 crypt cards.

Notable Cards

  • The Line — card exclusive to this expansion

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Commercial Information

  • SKU: n/a
  • Original Price (MSRP): €20 at the event / €30 incl. shipping later

Berlin Anthology Card List

Crypt (48 cards)
1x Aisha az-Zahra (Toreador) (x)
1x Alabástrom (Gargoyle)
1x Alex Camille (Gangrel antitribu)
2x Anarch Convert (Caitiff)
1x André the Manipulator (Gangrel) (x)
1x Anne-Marie Bourgeois, Inconnu Recruiter (Toreador) (x)
1x Apolonia Czarnecki (Malkavian) (x)
1x Appolonius ADV (Brujah)
1x Badr, Shadow of Granada (Lasombra)
1x Brunhilde ADV (Gangrel)
1x Cao Nguyen (Follower of Set)
1x Dark Selina (Brujah antitribu)
1x Desiree Narayan, Anarch Historian (Ravnos)
1x Dhita Choudhair (Ravnos)
1x Domenic Giovanni (Giovanni)
1x Dr. Lawrence Mayhew (Ravnos)
1x Flavia, Avenging Angel (Assamite)
1x Gerald FitzGerald (Tremere antitribu)
1x Gold Pan Dan (Brujah antitribu)
1x Hamid Mansour (Ventrue) (x)
1x Inyanga (Gangrel)
1x Joseph Fischer (Gangrel antitribu) (x)
1x Karif al Numair (Assamite)
1x Laura Goldman (Brujah) (x)
1x Louis Fortier ADV (Ventrue)
1x Ludmijla Rakoczy (Tzimisce)
1x Masika ADV (Toreador)
1x Matasuntha (Gangrel)
1x Mimir (Gangre antitribu)
1x Monica Chang (Tremere)
2x New Blood (Blood Brother)
1x Omer (Assamite)
1x Pearl (Malkavian antitribu)
1x Salvador Garcia (Brujah)
1x Salvatore Giovanni (Giovanni)
1x Sarrasine ADV (Follower of Set)
1x Shahara al-Rashwa (Follower of Set)
1x Skulk (Nosferatu antitribu)
1x Styles Margs (Gangrel antitribu) (x)
1x Synner-G (Gangrel antitribu)
1x The Medic (Nosferatu)
4x Valkyrie (Gangrel)
1x Weirich Waldburg (Ventrue) (x)

Library (52 cards)
3x Ashur Tablets (Master) (*)
1x Carlton Van Wyk (Hunter) (Ally) (*)
4x Deep Song (Action)
1x Enkil Cog (Action Modifier) (*)
4x Eyes of Argus Reaction
4x Field Training (Action)
1x Heart of Nizchetus (Equipment)
4x Instantaneous Transformation (Action Modifier)
4x Legacy (Action)
1x Line, The (Master) (x)
1x Liquidation (Master) (*)
1x Monastery of Shadows (Master) (*)
1x New Carthage (Master)
3x Shroud of Absence (Action Modifier) (*)
4x Spiritual Guidance (Combat)
3x Summon History (Action)
3x Target Vitals (Combat) (*)
2x Under Siege (Action)
1x Unmasking, The (Event) (*)
1x Unleash Hell’s Fury (Action) (*)
1x Vivienne Géroux (Ally) (x)
4x Zephyr (Action Modifier)

(x) denotes that the card is not included in the Anthology I set.
(*) denotes different artwork for the card then previously used.