Vampire for Kids!

Using ONLY the seven Camarilla Clans from Groups 1 & 2 and nothing else! Each Methuselah picks one Clan to play. Each Clan’s Crypt must have: 1 Justicar, 1 Prince, 2 Primogens and 8 Untitled Vampires. Have all seven Crypts premade so kids just pick the Clan they want to play. Each Methuselah starts with 30 Pool as normal.

Turn Phases:

  1. Untap Phase
  2. Master Phase: You may move 1 Pool to any of your Ready Vampires or move 1 Blood from any of your Ready Vampires to your Pool.
  3. Action Phase: Each of your Vampires may attempt Actions. A Vampire cannot attempt the same action twice in a Turn.
  4. Influence Phase: 4 Transfers per turn & 4 Transfers to move a vamp from Crypt to Uncontrolled Region.

Actions a Vampire may attempt:

  1. Bleed
  2. Hunt (Gain 1 Blood from Bloodbank with +1 Stealth)
  3. Burn 1 Blood to Rescue a Vampire from Torpor with +1 Stealth.
  4. Diablerize a Vampire in Torpor. (If successful, this triggers the Bloodhunt Vote).
  5. Call a Vote with +1 Stealth: Pick a Methuselah to gain the Edge. (The Edge gives it’s controller 1 Pool from the Bloodbank during their Untap Phase. This is the only way to get the Edge.)


  • Stealth & Intercept is handled as normal.
  • Combat is limited to one round.
  • All Vampires naturally bleed for one and have one strength.

All Disciplines: Burn 1 blood to use (for both inferior & superior):

  • Combat Disciplines: Only useable once each Combat:
    • Potence: +1 Strength for combat, +2 Strength for combat
    • Celerity: 1 Additional Strike, 2 Additional Strikes
    • Animalism: Inflict 1 Environmental Damage, Inflict 2 Environmental Damage
    • Fortitude: Prevent 2 Damage, Prevent 3 Damage
    • Thaumaturgy: Steal 2 Blood, Steal 3 Blood
  • Non-Combat Disciplines: Only useable once per Action:
    • Dominate: +1 Bleed, +2 Bleed
    • Obsfuscate: +1 Stealth, +2 Stealth
    • Auspex: +1 Intercept, +2 Intercept
    • Protean: Untap during another Methuselahs Turn, Untap during your Turn
    • Presence: Reduce a Bleed by 1, Reduce a Bleed by 2

Vampire Titles:

  • Primogen: May burn 1 Blood to End Combat against any Untitled Vampire./1 Vote.
  • Prince: May burn 1 Blood to End Combat against any Primogen and Untitled Vampire./2 Votes.
  • Justicar: May burn 1 Blood to End Combat against any Primogen, Prince or Untitled Vampire./3 Votes

(Using votes doesn’t burn Blood.)


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