VTES Player’s Kit

You Rule the Night, but Beware Usurpers!

The VTES Player’s Kit is an introductory set aimed at VTES beginners, and was released at the same time as the Third Edition expansion in 2006. It contained the material needed for 4 players to start with VTES, namely the game rules, four playable decks and a sufficient number of counters. The four decks are actually halved versions of the Third Edition starter decks. Each of them had 44 library cards and 6 crypt cards. The decks were pre-stacked for use with the turn-by-turn instruction to guide new players through the game. In addition, in each of these four decks there was one crypt cards, which did not show a colored (finalized) version of a vampire, but instead the black&white sketch by the artist. All the cards from the VTES Player’s Kit are tournament legal (including the four special crypt card versions) and function in the same way as the “original” cards from the Third Edition.


  • 4 pre-constructed decks
    • Brujah antitribu deck (50 cards; 6 crypt cards & 44 library cards)
    • Malkavian antitribu deck (50 cards; 6 crypt cards & 44 library cards)
    • Tremere antitribu deck (50 cards; 6 crypt cards & 44 library cards)
    • Tzimsice deck (50 cards; 6 crypt cards & 44 library cards)
  • VTES Rulebook
  • VTES Player’s Kit Quick Start Rules (flyer)
  • 120 red glass beads (counters)
  • Installation CD for VTES Online


  • The four vampires with the artist sketch are Hektor (Brujah antitribu), Count Vladmir Rustovich (Tzimisce), Harold Zettler (Malkavian antitribu), Esoara (Tremere antitribu).
  • For the players to follow the example in the quick start rules, the decks needed to be stacked in a particular order. Unfortunately the decks as delivered in the Player’s Kit were stacked in the reverse order needed for the quick start example. The card list on VEKN.net has the correct deck order.
  • The installation CD for VTES Online was intended for accessing on VTES online matches, but the platform was never really popular with players and was riddled with technical issues. The platform ceased to exist in the mid-2000s.

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