Formats & Variants

There are quite a number of different formats in VTES, although one must say that the standard Constructed format (constructed 60-90 decks; 4-5 player tables) is by far the most common one. But there are some additional formats (apart from Constructed and Draft) which a player encounters from time to time:

    • Rapid Thought — tournament with only three player tables.
    • Duffin Draft — quick draft rules for one or two booster draft.
    • Battle Arena — combat duel; also suitable for forum or other internet play.
    • Hidden Pool — variant where you don’t know how much pool your opponents have.
    • Team Play — a team orientated format with shared pool
    • Vampire for Kids — a very trimmed down version with library cards.
    • Prophecies League — a league-style variant with varying rules for each matchday.

See also Lasombra’s Variant Rules page for more variant rules.

Last updated: 13. September 2015.

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