Ebony Kingdom

“The Blood of the Kindred has spread far and wide across the globe, pooling and staining all it touches. And in some places it’s pooled and strengthened in ways unknown to the thirteen great clans. Out of Africa come the Laibon, children of traditions older than Camarilla or Sabbat. The Eternal Struggle is about to become bloodier and more ruthless with the arrival of the Kindred of the Ebony Kingdom.”

vtesekEbony Kingdom (EK) is the sixteenth expansion of White Wolf’s trading card game Vampire: The Eternal Struggle, and was released on May 27, 2009. The expansion’s theme is the Laibon sect consisting of vampires native to Africa. The expansion features four clans, namely Akunanse, Ishtarri, Guruhi, and Osebo and thereby continues the support for the Laibon clans started in the Legacies of Blood expansion.


This expansion consists only of booster packs with 11 cards each (7 common, 3 uncommon, and 1 rare). There is a total of 60 new cards, i.e. 20 new common, 20 uncommon (= vampires) and 20 rare cards.

Notable Cards

  • Lucian the Perfect — a Guruhi vampire with an inherent +3 bleed.
  • Nana Burku — a Guruhi vampire which grants the player with 2 mater phase actions.
  • Undele — an Istarri vampire who can call a referendum to get to library cards from the ash heap.

External References

Commercial Information

Name Contents SKU Price (MSRP)
Booster Display 36 boosters WW-2722 $107.64
Booster 11 cards WW-2723 $2.99

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