Camarilla Edition

LogoSectCamarilla_WhiteCamarilla Edition (CE) is the fourth base set of White Wolf’s trading card game Vampire: The Eternal Struggle released on August 19, 2002. The expansion’s theme is the Camarilla sect. The expansion featured a significant change in the layout of the cards, especially the difference between pool and blood cost is more clear than before.

Part of the expansion are 6 different pre-constructed decks with 89 cards each as well as boosters with 11 cards each (5 common, 3 vampire, 2 uncommon, and 1 rare). There is a total of 385 cards in this expansion. There are 115 new cards, (100 vampire, 5 common, 5 uncommon and 5 rare cards). The pre-constructed decks are:


  • Grouping — each vampire now has a group number. A player can only use vampires from 2 adjacent groups during a game, i.e. vampires from group 2 and 3. This should help preventing too powerful combinations of vampires as well as supporting more variety of vampires used in play.
  • No Repeat Actions — vampires may not take the same action twice during a game turn, except for hunting. Some general types of actions (like direct attacks) may be taken several times, as long as the minion uses different cards to do so.
  • Blood Hunts — after a vampire has been diablerized a Blood Hunt is now called automatically.

Notable Cards

  • Baltimore Purge — an action card sending one of each player’s vampires to torpor during the next turn.
  • Tension in the Ranks — a master card making the player pool (life) each time one of his minions is burned or sent to torpor.
  • Weighted Walking Stick — a combat card resembling a melee weapon for a few turns.

External References

Blood Shadowed Court

  • In April 2008, all of the 100 crypt cards, that first appeared in the Camarilla Edition, were reprinted in the Blood Shadowed Court collector’s deck. The cards were printed with the newer layout and included new artwork for Marcus Vitel.

Commercial Information

Name Contents SKU Price (MSRP)
Starter Display All 6 starter decks WW-2585 $59,70
Brujah starter deck 89 cards and rulebook WW-2586 $9.95
Malkavian starter deck 89 cards and rulebook WW-2587 $9.95
Nosferatu starter deck 89 cards and rulebook WW-2588 $9.95
Toreador starter deck 89 cards and rulebook WW-2589 $9.95
Tremere starter deck 89 cards and rulebook WW-2590 $9.95
Ventrue starter deck 89 cards and rulebook WW-2591 $9.95
Booster Display 36 boosters WW-2592 $99.00
Booster 11 cards WW-2593 $2.75

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