Heirs to the Blood

Power Pulses in the Vein

The descendants of Caine are many, and their blood is diverse. It may infuse a vampire with spiritual hunger, or stony endurance, or the maddening touch of the fae. Bloodlines arise and struggle for power against the entrenched clans. The blood will prevail.

Heirs to the Blood (HttB) is the seventeenth expansion of White Wolf’s trading card game Vampire: The Eternal Struggle, and was originally scheduled for release in late October, 2009, then December 2009, and was finally published on February 3, 2010. The expansion’s theme are the bloodlines, minor clans and often offshots of the 13 major vampire clans, and continuing the support for the bloodline clans started in the Bloodlines and Legacies of Blood expansions. Heirs to the Blood proved more popular than expected, selling out of starter boxes one week after release.


Part of the expansion are 4 different pre-constructed decks with 89 cards each as well as boosters with 11 cards each (7 common, 3 vampire, and 1 rare). There are 168 new cards in the booster packs. This expansion contains no starter-exclusive cards. The pre-constructed decks are:

New Rules

  • Research — a new play area for specific cards
  • Maleficia and Striga — two new pseudo disciplines for infernal vampires.

Notable Cards

  • The Arcadian — a Kiasyd vampire who has the inherent ability to use a +1 bleed at +1 stealth.
  • Salmath — a True Brujah vampire who gains an additional untap each turn.
  • The Unnamed — a Baali vampire who gains 2 pool each time she successfully bleeds.
  • Wider View — a master card which let’s you rifle through your crypt very quickly.
  • Summon History — an action card requiring Temporis which let’s you move an ally or vampire to your controlled region directly.

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Commercial Information

Name Contents SKU Price (MSRP)
Starter Display 8 starter decks (each type twice) WW-2931 $79.92
Booster Display 36 boosters WW-2932 $107.64
Lasombra/Kiasyd starter deck 89 cards and rulebook WW-2933 $9.99
Nosferatu/Samedi starter deck 89 cards and rulebook WW-2934 $9.99
Tremere/Gargoyle starter deck 89 cards and rulebook WW-2935 $9.99
Ventrue/Salubri antitribu starter deck 89 cards and rulebook WW-2936 $9.99
Booster 11 cards WW-2937 $2.99

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