Team Play

In this format players should pair off into teams of 2 players. In a single friendly game this requires 4 players – two teams of 2 players each. A tournament would require multiples of 4 players (so that every table is full) and an even number of teams (so that nobody is left out). In each game each teamed pair should be sat across from each other so that they are both bleeding (and blocking) both members of another teamed pair.

Before the event each team should pick a sect and collaborate on building their decks – the choice must either be Camarilla, Sabbat, Independent or Laibon (I suggest excluding Imbued as they are not actually a sect in the World of Darkness, but you can include them too in your event if you wish). 100% of each player’s crypt should be of the chosen sect, but it may consist of any clans or individual minions which have the correct affiliation. In a tournament every team member should use the same deck for every game of the event.

Each game of VTES should proceed as normal, using all regular tournament floor rules, errata and banned lists – with the addition that the Event cards Fall of the Camarilla and Fall of the Sabbat are banned also.

The victory conditions of each game are also altered -– if either member of a team is reduced to zero pool then that team immediately loses and the game ends. Only the game win is counted.

In a tournament situation the event should be conducted in a ‘swiss’ format, seating opposing teams from most successful to least, with the final round consisting of the two teams that have won the most games in previous rounds.

Reference: VEKN Storyline June 2014.

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