Lords of the Night — Followers of Set Precon

Deck Name: Followers of Set Preconstructed Deck
Author: L. Scott Johnson
Description: Followers of Set Preconstructed Starter from Lords of the Night.

Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity min: 2 max: 10 average: 5.84

2x Renenet OBF PRE ser 5 Follower :4
2x Marla Kenyon PRE ser 4 Follower :4
2x Belle Equitone ser 2 Follower :4
2x Halim Bey DOM SER obf tha 6 Follower :4
2x Sundervere, The Devil Brahmin AUS PRE SER THA obf 8 Follower :4
2x Nakhthorheb OBF PRE SER 10 Follower :4

Library [77 cards]

Action [20 cards]
2x Blithe Acceptance
4x Dream World
2x Enticement
1x Form of Corruption
1x Mesu Bedshet
2x Public Trust
4x Revelation of Ecstasy
1x Summoning, The
3x Temptation

Action Modifier [20 cards]
3x Approximation of Loyalty
2x Cloak the Gathering
2x Into Thin Air
3x Revelation of Desire
2x Spying Mission
4x True Love’s Face
2x Truth of a Thousand Lies
2x Veil the Legions

Ally [1 cards]
1x Tutu the Doubly Evil One (Bane Mummy)

Combat [11 cards]
3x Jones, The
4x Majesty
1x Revelation of Wrath
3x Unholy Penance

Master [11 cards]
1x Crocodile Temple, The
1x Dummy Corporation
1x Khobar Towers, Al-Khubar
1x Opium Den
1x Secure Haven
1x Serpentis
1x Temple Hunting Ground
2x Vessel
1x WMRH Talk Radio
1x Wash

Political Action [1 cards]
1x Hierophant

Reaction [13 cards]
3x Confusion of the Eye
3x Ecstasy
2x Eluding the Arms of Morpheus
2x Mental Maze
3x Revelation of Despair

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