Heirs to the Blood (Reprint)

Power Pulses in the Vein

“The descendants of Caine are many, and their blood is diverse. It may infuse a vampire with spiritual hunger, or stony endurance, or the maddening touch of the fae. Bloodlines arise and struggle for power against the entrenched clans. The blood will prevail”.

In 2018, Black Chantry released a reprint of the 2010 VTES expansion “Heirs to the Blood“. The reprint release did not follow the original format/packaging (starter decks and boosters), but instead released the cards in two bundles with a fixed set of cards. The set can be purchased both in shops as well as print-on-demand product (DriveThruCards).


  • 120 cards in each bundle.
    • HttB Bundle 1 contains 60 library cards and 60 crypt cards of clans Baali, Blood Brothers, Gargoyles, Harbingers of Skulls, Nagaraja and Samedi.
    • HttB Bundle 2 contains 64 library cards and 56 crypt cards of clans Ahrimanes, Daughters of Cacophony, Kiasyd, Salubri, Salubri antitribu and True Brujah.

Notable New Cards

  • n/a (reprinted cards only)

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Commercial Information

  • SKU: VAWODLWDIOBC0005 (HttB Bundle 1)
  • SKU: VAWODLWDIOBC0006 (HttB Bundle 2)
  • MSRP: €22-24 / $24