Vampire: the Eternal Struggle


Enter a world of majesty and mystery as you assume the role of an ancient vampire. As your minions descend into a passionate maelstrom of relentless politics and nefarious conspiracies, you must wage war against your opponents, drain their precious resources, and master the societies of the living and the undead. Join the Eternal Struggle, where blood is your weakness… and your ultimate weapon!

The unlimited edition of the base set marked the change of the name of the game and card back design. The V:TES edition set contained a rewritten rulebook, and many of the cards were rewritten for clarity (and a few were rewritten for function – Fame was made unique, for example). The unlimited base set contains 436 cards. A few of the limited edition cards were not reprinted in the unlimited set, while a few new cards were introduced (Archon Investigation, Elder Intervention, Justicar Retribution, Protected Resources, Raven, and Shadow of the Beast).


  • 436 cards, including ..

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Starter Display 10 starters WOC-16050 $89.50
Starter 76 cards and rulebook WOC-6050 $8.95
Booster Display 36 boosters WOC-16051 $106.20
Booster 19 cards WOC-6051 $2.95