Cause & Effect

Here’s the list of the past episodes of the VTES webcast “Cause and Effect“. Three Swedish VTES players are discussing and analyzing various aspect of the game such as strategies, deck building and VTES in general. From time to time there are guests invited to join the talk.

6 comments on “Cause & Effect

  1. Thank you for the menu.
    Unfortunatly it seems that many of the link are NOT the correct episode.
    Hope this helps!

    • If I clic on Season 2, episode 7 Successful VtES tournament decks for beginners, it leads to season 2.4 on youtube…
      Just an example of some “broken” links.

      • You are correct. The links have been correct in the past, apparently this longer the case. I’ll fix the links as soon as it’s possible for me.

  2. I asked the team on their Facebook page (named Cause & Effect) this question, and the answer was, that there are currently no plans to continue the series. I am bit sorry for that …

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