Sabbat (2019) — Lasombra Precon

Deck Name: Sabbat (2019) — Lasombra
Created By: Ben Peal
Description: Lasombra Preconstructed Starter Deck from Sabbat (2019)

Crypt [12 cards]

2x Antón de Concepción
2x Carolina Vález
2x Charles Delmare
2x Lord Leopold Valdemar
2x Luca Italicus
2x Percival

Library [77 cards]

Master [13 cards]
1x Information Highway
1x Jake Washington
1x Monastery of Shadows
1x Papillon
1x Political Hunting Ground
1x Powerbase: Madrid
1x Power Structure
4x Villein
2x Zillah’s Valley

Action [8 cards]
6x Govern the Unaligned
2x Under Siege

Political Action [15 cards]
1x Anarchist Uprising
1x Ancient Influence
2x Banishment
8x Kine Resources Contested
1x Neonate Breach
1x Political Stranglehold
1x Reins of Power

Ally [1 cards]
1x Mylan Horseed

Action Modifier [24 cards]
2x Blanket of Night
4x Conditioning
4x Seduction
4x Shadow Play
4x Shroud of Absence
4x Shroud of Night
2x Tenebrous Form

Combat [6 cards]
3x Oubliette
3x Shadow Body

Reaction [10 cards]
4x Deflection
2x Obedience
2x On the Qui Vive
2x Wake with Evening’s Freshness