11 comments on “Reasonably Priced Decks

  1. It is really great for beginners to get their hands on a jewel like this. A working deck you can learn with and make your first experiences. There are some new players in Bad Nauheim. I'd be very glad to buy one of those decks you build and give it to them as a present that hopefully draws them into the game more.

  2. Another good use is a CUBE draft deck. Make a 'deck' of 300 library and 60 vampires. Then sort those into booster pack piles and draft as usual. End of the evening shuffle all back together and then you can do it all again.


  3. I planned on buying some starters for friends to introduce them to the game — these sound like a great alternative.

    How well to you think they'll hold up against a standard starter deck?

  4. I've already did that and sold some S&B decks. My friends also sold some combat and vote decks. Average price of this decks was below 20 Eur. It is good way how to introduce new player to the game.

  5. Great way to start new players. We did that in our community when an established player of ours had to move to another city. We made 9 different decks using commons and uncommons and a couple of rare cards, and gave that to him. He hooked some new friends, as decks are balanced to each other, and they started playing, and now we have a new community of 6 that is slowly growing… :-D

  6. According to Wikipedia (on formats for MtG):
    A Cube Draft is a draft variant similar to booster draft, but rather than using factory sealed booster packs, packs are created by taking fifteen cards at random from a pre-selected pool of cards.

    See also: http://www.cubedrafting.com/what-is-the-cube/

    Also, Sam has written about Cube Drafting for VtES in the british VtES forum as well on the Usenet Newsgroup more than a year ago.

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