Sabbat (2019)

The Sabbat (2019) set is the 21st expansion of White Wolf’s trading card game Vampire: The Eternal Struggle, and the first starter deck expansion published by Black Chantry on August 16th, 2019. The expansion features four different Sabbat ready-to-play decks based on existing deck archetypes, namely

  • Parliament of Shadows — Lasombra Vote deck
  • Libertine Bell — Toreador antitribu Breed & Boon deck
  • Pact with Nephandi — Tremere antitribu Nephandus deck
  • Den of Fiends — Tzimisce Wall deck

The decks are also printed/distributed by DriveThru Cards.


  • The expansion consists of 4 starter decks with 77 library and 12 crypt cards each.
  • The decks contains a varying number of new crypt cards, in total there are 16 new crypts are (8 new vampires)
    • Parliament of Shadows — 6 new crypt cards (3 different vampires)
    • Libertine Bell — 4 new crypt cards (2 different vampires)
    • Pact with Nephandi — no new crypt cards
    • Den of Fiends — 6 new crypt cards (3 different vampires)

Notable Cards

  • tbd

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