7 comments on “Wishlist for Anthology II Set

  1. Villein – was the biggest missing card in reprints from Anthology set. It’s just basic card needed for about 50% of decks in at least few copies and is not easy to get.
    Pentex Subversion – basic stuff, not so easy to get. But not as important as Villein
    Sensory Deprivation – key chimerstry card, hard to get
    Preternatural Strenght/ Heroic Might – both very expensive to get
    Perfect Paragon – hard to get, needed for lot of decks
    Embrace – hard to get, needed in many copies for a lot of decks
    Derange – hard to get, expensive, needed in many copies
    playable vampires from PDF VEKN sets – those chosen for Anthology were mostly big miss for me.

  2. Dmitra Ilyanova
    The eldest are kholo
    The eternals of Sirius
    nephandus (mage)
    Magic of the Smith
    I am Legion
    Direct intervention
    Aranthebes, the imortal
    Rego motus
    Beast meld
    Mind rape

  3. Maybe Anthology Deck set? is that thinking too much? For sure will be gone in seconds. Camarilla Brujah, Final Nights, etc.

  4. …besides all of the above,

    Isabel Giovanni
    Le Dinh Tho
    Zillah’s Valley
    Spiritual Intervention
    Legacy of Pander
    Eye of Hazimel
    Medling of Semsith
    Brujah Debate
    Ventrue Directorate Assembly
    The Parthenon
    Day Operation
    Shadow Step

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