5 comments on “Review of “Anarchs Unbound” Library Cards (Part 1)

  1. IMO, very optimistic review. While majority of cards is solid, I don’t see here effects that would be strong enough to bother going anarch route. Guardian Vigil being en exeption here. I feel those cards would find their place mainly in casual games. Which is a big loss for me. I hope, I’m mistaken in it.

  2. Sure it’s somewhat optimistic, because it gives Anarch deck some more viable options. And in that sense the expansion is very good. On the other hand, I don’t expect that Anarch decks will become tier 1 decks across the board either.

  3. How does Guardian Vigil warrant only a four star rating with the comment “Too good to be true”? Note it is also the only card that gives 2 in clan disciplines to a clan with inherent dominate. They seem to have been rather attentive with the ‘do not help dominate’ doctrine that is somewhat forced to keep the game more interesting. I also do not agree with the only 5 star rated card deserving such status. The card space/resources/actions to become anarch could be more efficiently used to do what these discipline combos all ready do. Except maybe the dem/pre which can be a little more intriguing. I’m hoping that In Dieu In Maitre is better than you believe since those disciplines do not have good stealth options and I don’t think it was a completely fair comparison with the stinky ass Loose Cannon (which would have found some play if it was free or not ‘as anounced’) and could find it’s way into the aforementioned Ravnos anarch vote deck idea coupled with Adhocracy. Anyhow, thanks for the good read.

  4. Yeah, you’re probably right, If (in my opinion) Memory Rift deserves a five star rating, so should Guardian Vigil then. I will update the rating accordingly.

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