3 comments on “Deck of the Month July/August 2015: Anu Gets A Blood

  1. What’s also very key to this deck is that the procurers actually bleed for 0. So who is going to block a bleed of 0? If they block the bleed of 0 they get a flash grenade. Only after blocks are declined Anu burns the blood to make it 1. And who’s gonna bounce a bleed of 1?

    People also keep waiting for Anu to make a move seeing as she can play empowering or govern conditioning so just maybe they can bounce that, but Anu NEVER acts or blocks. You don’t want to risk Anu, only dedicated rush decks can take her.

  2. Nice to see my deck here!
    In my opinion the charm of the deck is Babble, Starshell Grenade Laucher combination to enable the cross to block and let them fight each other

  3. I had made two similar decks, one using Puppeteers and one using Arms Dealers, where Anu refills by using Soul Feasting or Emergency Rations respectively. These versions don’t have cardless refill like this deck, but then again neither do my allies have to spend actions other than to bleed.

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