4 comments on “How to be a Great Clan … without Dominate

  1. Even in my casual play group, the – ahem – dominance of Dominate is strongly felt. The primary “offensive” discipline should never (to my way of thinking) have gotten as defensive a card / card ability as bounce. (I’m pretty iffy about Obedience, too, although it’s basically a “deluxe edition Strike: Combat Ends”).

    I think a “no Dominate variant”, where every Clan / card with Dominate is able to choose a different discipline might be interesting. Or give “bounce” as a primary ability to Auspex.

    I’ve also thought that Presence should have been given “action bleeds”, and Dominate given “bleed modifiers”, leaving Ventrue, a Clan that doesn’t Stealth, and the “best” bleeders.

    It would be interesting (to me) to see how much of “uses Dominate” is really “uses Govern / bleed modifiers plus Deflection”. The fact that 2-5 cards form the backbone of Dominate’s top-tier power in the game probably says something about those cards, too.

    • Hard to argue with that – I’d be pretty interested to see a game where those few dominate cards were banned. It may take the removal of only a few cards to bring Dominate back into line with the other disciplines. Anybody who wants to try this experiment should certainly post about it, I’d love to hear the results!

  2. A fantastic read, providing great insight for a relatively new player. I am appreciative and would definitely like to see more well thought out and easy to grasp articles just like this.

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