9 comments on “Clan Tzimisce — Lords of the Old World

  1. Nice article!
    IMO the biggest advantage in gr. 4-5 Tzimisce deck, when it comes to politics, is possibility to mix crypt with vampires like Mistress Fanchon, Sha-Ennu, Unmada and Malgorzata. All of them have a lot of votes and very good specials. You can already find some decks with combination of those vampires in TWDA (some of them don’t meet your criteria of Tzimisce clan deck but are still VIC AUS based and have some Tzimisce vampires in them).

    • You are absolutely correct! There are a number of decks that feature Sha-Ennu. They seem to often pair her with Malgorzata and Mistress Fanchon (the deck I’m thinking of has 4 of each card in their crypt). But while it is nice to see a few of the group 4 Tzimisce get used outside the clan, I would love to see some use found for the group 4-5 Tzimisce as a whole. But I’m also a sucker for clan and themed decks.

      • If you want to build a pure Tzimisce political deck than actual gr. 4-5 crypt (with Danse Macabre vampires) is as good as 2-3 gr. But it’s not better or significantly different, if you don’t want to include out-of-clan vampires, so most people will stick to 2-3 group, unless they are missing cards for it and/or don’t care at all about playing with printed cards

  2. Most Sabbat vote decks include Cardinal Benediction so I don’t believe that having more than one priscus in a group should be considered less titled vampires. One should not plan to Benedict a priscus but it doesn’t mean that 2 prisci in a deck would not be useful. Nice tear down of the situation with Tzimisce. A small factor in your Clan Breakdown is that Scythe’s Tzimisce win was with group 2 only not 2/3.

    • I’ve corrected my listing for your winning deck in my google doc. Unfortunately, not all decks actually list which group their vampire comes from, and I’m only willing to look up so many on Secret Library. I likely saw that your deck included a group 2 vampire and just assumed group 2/3. Sorry about that. As for Cardinal Benediction… I agree that it could make your second priscus useful, but it seems very situational. I’d be hesitant to bank on it. But you are certainly correct in that having two prisci in the group provides flexibility and crypt options, both of which are very valuable!

  3. I was intrigued enough to look into the titled situation, since I could not think of the second Cardinal that you were referring to in group 2. You left out bishops which is understandably a good point, though misleading when stating an amount of titled vampires and not mentioning that bishops were not included in factoring your total (though your tables show that same attitude and are arguably enough of a reason to occlude them from the article, though maybe slightly less professional) considering that Bishop is a title. I then realized that one of the Archbishops is an advanced version of one of the Prisci which, including Cardinal Benediction, is enough of a reason to comprise both Prisci in a group 2 political deck with merging as an additional motive, and apparently also the ONLY WAY to gain the 2nd Cardinal previously mentioned. These deceiving factors compromise the summation you present and seriously askew the group 2 titled table formation presented.

    • Fair points, all around! Especially for Sascha Vykos Adv, who is basically included in my tables twice (as she is an Archbishop who can become a Cardinal upon merging with her basic version). I will correct the tables later today when I have time. As for Bishops… well, I’m happy to include them on the table, and I’ll edit my choice of words in the article itself to say “titled vampires with at least 2 votes,” but I’m not sure it’s worthwhile considering them when putting together a voting deck. Certainly not as one of your “core” crypt cards, and especially not for a clan that has no easy access to vote push (other than Telepathic Vote Counting). But I agree that they should be included in the chart for completeness, and my language should be more precise, so I’ll change those. Thanks for looking into this! Group 4/5 politics seems better and better!

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