2 comments on “Project Deck Archetypes

  1. “Tunnel Runner” would be a nice addition to the “Ally decks”, as would be the nowadays quite famous “Goratrix” to the “Wall decks”.

  2. Stealth Bleed :
    Lasombra (or Kiasyd) Nocturn : Probably the best SB right now
    Unnamed : Solid SB deck

    Lutz IC PRE&OBF or Maris Lutz : Very good vote/bleed deck, a lot of different decklists.
    Stanislava DOM/PRO vote/bleed : The most popular big cap vote deck right now.

    Wall :
    Wall Tzimisce : Won the last EC, maybe the best wall deck in the current meta.
    Carna : Old but still powerfull.

    Other :
    Black Hand Reunion Kammut (multi clan or Assamites only) : The newest Swarm deck, very strong.
    Nana Buruku rush/ashur (with Weenie Ani, or big cap POT/ANI) : Solid rush deck

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