6 comments on “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (Part I)

  1. Allonzo Montoya doesn’t actually reduce the cost of Serpentis cards, merely gains a +1 stealth on the actions. Also, Dragos and Adana de Sforza could both figure as cost-discounters on all of the disciplines that they have (or, at the least, the ones they have at superior).

  2. Hi!
    One more card:
    Drink the Blood of Ahriman reduces cost of obt cards for given Lasombra

  3. Don’t if these are what you are after but:
    Succulent Vitae: reduce cost of one card requiring Quietus
    Focus the Blood & Inner Essence: reduce cost of one combat card each, first requires clan Assamite, second discipline of Vicissitude

  4. Thanks for all the input. I have updated the article (for the most part). With regards to the last comment by Whisker, I was looking for ways of reducing cost in a more or less regular fashion, not just one time effects. But thanks for the hint anyhow.

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