5 comments on “Patterns in Politics

  1. No love for Baali vote? OBF PRE in clan with good voters in group 5-6. Plus knotted cord, and condemnation: Mute. It maybe a bit trickier to play due to infernal cost but voter caps can overcome that.

  2. One or two sentences lost their syntax during work progress ;-) and Palla Grande should read Foundation Exhibit.

    • I corrected that mistake with Palla Grande (and a few minor ones as well). But I am not sure if I got them all. Thanks for the information anyhow.

  3. You should also consider other Breed&Boon available strategies besides Assamites/!Toreador as can be !Brujah (Unexpected Coalition) and Ravnos (Eldest are Kholo). Both cards have their respective TWDs.

    It’s true they are less typical, but the positive thing about !Brujah for example, is that they’re rarely contested.

    Love your blog anyway. :)

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