4 comments on “Did you know, that … (Part 124)

  1. Looks like the first sentences got confused: After using Dis Pater, there is no more bouncing or reducing the bleed, right?

  2. Corrected. I am sure that bouncing and reducing is not possible anymore after Dis Pater has been used. Checked this especially for the bleed reduction. But, I think, I can play a bleed reduction to, let’s say, reduce the bleed amount to -1, so the +1 of Dis Pater wouldn’t really help.

    • ???
      LSJ answered “correct”
      to this question: “… after Dis Pater my prey cannot play deflection/redirection/telepatic misdirection cards …”.
      So it’s obviously NO!

      • Apparently again my mistake. .. or not. I thought it had it corrected, but for whatever reason the old version of the text prevailed. To say it again, you cannot bounce or reduce a bleed modified by Dis Pater.

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