3 comments on “Reasonable Doubt

  1. All playing and deck building skill aside, the statistical probability that u score a game win is less than 1 in 5 if you consider that there are 5 players at the table and there are tables without a game win.
    Add in statistical variance, and a 9 game dry spell is nothing that suprises the mathematican in me.
    As for judging ones own performance, i think the average skill level of decent size tournament has pretty much leveled out in the last years, also due to the hardcore players staying while the casual players have quit, so the days of getting the noob to your left to just roll over and die are over.
    You’re not in Kansas anymore. That being sad, i have no doubt in my mind that I will see u at Day 1 in Octobre. Happy Hunting.

  2. I am experiencing little of this too. I have played only Czech ECQ, but for some time now, my performance has been really not good. I am now planning to go for Austian ECQ with hopes of qualyfying, but hopefully I will steal one GW there. But trying to do this for some time now, it is getting tiresome and I think, that trying too hard may be problem for me. Well and my decks too, but that is entire different story.

  3. With all these wall decks around it becomes harder to get game wins, even for the friendly Kyasid deck that you played… sorry for the Dutch Archon Investigation madness!
    Hope to see you in Utrecht in July to give it another try then.

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