4 comments on “Did you know, that … (Part 116)

  1. Hi Ralf,

    you write “because the rules(?) only allow vampires to play political action cards”.

    Re that question mark:

    6.1.7. Political Action (+1 stealth)

    A political action is an action that is used to call a referendum. It has a default +1 stealth and can only be taken by vampires (allies cannot call referendums).



  2. If I remember correctly, I put in the question mark to check the rules later on. And then promptly forget about it when hit the “publish” button. So thanks for looking that rule up.

  3. It is possible for an Herald of Tophet to call reins of power with a charming lobby. And if some one DI the charming lobby it is still possible to call a reins of power in this game. (yes it’s off-topic).

  4. It’s a little bit different. If you play the Charming Lobby, and it’s DIed, then the Reigns of Power was never played. You have DI the Charming Lobby immediately. Similar to DIing a Concealed Weapon, weapon is actually never put on the table. So with that in mind, yes, Reins of Power can still be played, since it never left your hand, or in other words it has never been played.

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