5 comments on “The Metagame Game

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  2. As usual, thanks for the post.
    Would you guys be kind enough to share your list of possible-deck-encounter-during-tournament please?

    See ya on Lackey! ;)

  3. Sure, my deck has the following 27 cards. The selection is based on frequent TWD just prior to EC 2013.

    Classic Shambling Hordes
    Giovanni Khazars Diary
    Nana-rush (Masterdeck w ANI-combat)
    Arika Mindrape
    Giovanni stealth-bleed
    DEM-weenie stealth-bleed
    Carna is Vignes
    Kiasyd stealth-bleed
    Lutz & Unmada vote
    Girls will find (Stealth-bleed-masterdeck)
    Una Freakshow
    Eurobrujah with Theo & Beast
    AAA Toreador vote
    Vignes bleed
    AUS-weenie wall
    Malk 1994 stealth-bleed
    Carna wall
    Ventrue lawfirm vote/bleed
    Brujah royalty (Vote with New Carthage)
    Shalmath-rush (DoE/OtH/Decapitate)
    Kiasyd Blockturns
    !Ventrue stickmen grinder
    Pre-weenie bleed

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