6 comments on “Playing VtES on LackeyCCG

  1. I used to play Vtes on Lackey all the time. I drifted away in 2009, in part cause the community was so small. I surprised and pleased to hear it’s still around, and will have to try and check it out. Any suggestions when the best time to find a game is?

  2. A good time on week days is around 18:00 to 23:00 GMT I would say. On weekends this seems to be expanding to 15:00 GMT to 23:00 GMT. But I am playing only since two weeks on LackeyCCG, so I am not quite sure about the actual pattern.

    • Cool, thanks. I’ll have to check that out when I get some free times.

      btw, this is the first time I’ve commented here, but I’ve been a fan of this blog for a long time.

  3. I used to play on Lackey very frequently a couple of years ago, with a brief return few months ago. I must say the interface is superb, it could be improved (more stuff automatized), but it is more than sufficient as it is. Reason why I stopped playing was the community. Sadly, it seems that a typical user:
    1. doesn’t know any VTES rules, and by that I don’t mean some nuances, but basic stuff like NRA, combat sequences, referendums etc., so you have to replay/backtrack every second combat because somebody tried to play grapple prerange, or backtrack whole rounds because people play cards they don’t meet requirements for etc.
    2. and/or they don’t know any english, and by that I don’t mean grammar mistakes, but total gibberish. And then half of the table just switches to french or spanish.
    3. many players simply leave midgame as soon as they are losing, because they suddenly got “busy and have to leave”, then reappear in a new game half an hour later.
    4. some players were even outright cheating, for example playing a trick deck and reshuffling their library until they got the draw they needed (yes, it is an idiotic way of cheating, because you can see it in the game log, but hey).
    Sometimes it’s unclear what is the problem exactly – for example if you have to remind somebody 5 times a turn to pay for his card costs (or Fame, infernality etc.), is he a noob, a dick, a cheater or he simply does not understand you? :) I am not so anal about rules, but my free time is limited and it’s a pity to waste it with games like that.
    There are many decent players as well, but they mostly shut up and tolerate all of the above, because they need their VTES fix too much, and bad players are better than none.
    I would happily return there, but only if I persuade my friends to play, or somehow find a closed group of decent players online.
    Anyway good luck, perhaps your experience will be better than mine.

  4. Vladimir,

    first thanks for the detailed experiences you have provided.

    I haven’t had that many negative experiences (yet?). Yes, people don’t know all the rules (playing Enkil Cog when they bleed their grandprey), they make mistakes (taking damage from Fame), etc., but that’s how it is in real games as well.

    I also hadn’t had the cheating / drop-out issues. I remember having these problems a long time ago when trying to play VTES Online, when players frequently dropped out when say saw that their predator (or prey) trumped them. I would try to remember these player’s names and refuse to play with them in the future.

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