4 comments on “Dark Steel

  1. Dark Steel at basic is better than Crows at basic because of the added maneuver. Because of this maneuver, Dark Steel also offers something that would take valuable card slots.

    What are the alternatives?

    Slam is a maneuver at POT and you can get a maneuver at obt from Shadowstep. Fake-out is a maneuver that you don’t replace.

  2. I agreed with what you said, I am merely complaining about the available crypt who is able to play the card (without added discipline cards). ;)

    • With group 4/5 you get five vampires with OBT/POT: You mention Badr, Otieno and Lord Vauxhall, but Conrad Adoula and Giangaleazzo are group 4 also. So with that many minions plus GtU at superior to get them out faster a tier-2 deck should be possible. Although I have to admit that Giangaleazzo can’t turn anarch and is thus unable to play Hell-for-Leather.

      All in all Anarch cards like HfL is a card for low-caps anyway so yes, you shouldn’t combine it with Dark Steel.

  3. As I see, you don’t need OBT POT for fit Dark Steel in your deck. This card is also good with obt POT or obt pot. I think it fits nicely in the 3-4 group. You can run a good bruise and bleed deck with Conrad, Lord Vauxhall, Otieno, Black Wallace, Virginie, Dr. Julius and a good number of low cap with dom pot.

    Potence is scary discipline by itself, and Dark Steel let you save some slots and works nicely with the strong Torn+Immortal combo.

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