One comment on “Announcement Polish ECQ 2013

  1. Two weeks left now, and, perhaps, time proper to share some more details with whom it may concern.

    Klub ‘Salonik’ is a tasted-and-approved location. Many tourneys have been organised there, and the club has worked fine for the local community. We certainly expect no obstacles this time either.

    It has been decided to introduce a dual entry fee. First of all, every participant shall be required to pay 40 PLN (an equivalent of £8) in order to participate. As a consolation, each player is going to receive two booster packs and a set of promo cards. Second, every willing participant shall be able to purchase a Qualifier T-Shirt (2013) for 25 PLN (or £5). The finalists are to be awarded with some extra memorabilia to help them remember all the great fun they shall have had.

    We will be delighted to host every player who wishes to join us in The Eternal Struggle.

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