5 comments on “Bi-Monthly “Deck of the Month”?

  1. How about a deck of the month challenge? Post the cornerstones of something you would like to see win a tourneyment and leave some room for adjustments for each player individually.
    People can report how they did, even if they don’t win anything with it.


  2. The deck itself is sometimes less interesting than your thoughts on the state of the game and the types of decks being played. I’d prefer to see it stay a monthly feature even if some months there are no worthy decks.

  3. @MS: Hmm, interesting proposal .. how would what you define cornerstones? A list of the core library and crypt cards, a basic description of the deck, .. ??

    • Some people may have interesting decks but few opportunities to play tournaments;
      if experienced players like you add a gran madre dd / scourge ot E. as defence to a
      possible confrontation, that deck might be worth a closer look?

  4. It would be nice to have a look at an interesting deck each month, but if the pool of “interesting decks” is too thin then bi-monthly will have to do. As mgreen02 wrote, I often find your thoughts just as interesting as the deck.

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