3 comments on “Deck of the Month: December 2012: Extremely Silent and Incredibly Far Away

  1. Das kann doch wohl nicht wahr sein, mein lieber Mann ! !

    The concept of using daemonic possesion with Tariq is really old and deck construction isn´t awesome; anarch aspect is fancy, while using tablets and parthenon on a 90 card deck seems more a burden than a help to me. Torstenson´s hasn¡t that many tricks but his construction on the opposite is flawless and very, very strong. Every deck this swedish player makes is a free lesson of vtes by itself.

    I also feel a little disregarded that you didn´t even mention the new tournament winning deck of Txus Alutiz: True Nergal, as possible candidate to deck of the month.

    http://www.secretlibrary.info/index.php?deck=view&id=11204 ( there is a little mistake here, because Txus used 4 Advanced Nergal and 1 Normal to help him to succeed calling the great beast )

    which I co-created with him. I know that I¡m totally biased, but this is really one of the best decks Ive ever helped to create. This is a totally new deck which uses very fancy aspects of the game and is full of resources ( trujah & baali sinergy, great beast summmoning, burn options, bleed, rush, multiaction,bloat,block, anticombatends,block and bounce denial, stealth, tap, antipolitics, bounce) and it solves the big issue of the trujauspex deck ( first used by hungarian player Peter Botos ) of putting a second Trujah on the ready region in an innovative and elegant way; while incorporating a bloating mechanism at the same time.

    I also feel you could have acknoledged Pierre Tran-Van rusher, the swedish cause & effect AAA is also amazing for construction and reverse hunter combo, brazilian Mascara da Morte featuring rushing Redface is also something new or polish Goratrix deck which is also a behemoth in more than one aspect.

  2. You may be right that your deck is the more interesting one. Maybe I underestimate(d) your deck’s strength, because when looking at the deck I was seeing mainly an Al-Muntahir bleed deck with a bolted-on Nergal/Great Beast angle. I don’t know for sure, since I never saw both decks (Dennis’ and yours) in action.
    But in the end, the selection for Deck of the Month is *always subjective*, there are simply no objective criteria.

  3. Yeah, you are right. This is mainly a trujauspex deck with Nergal-Beast angle…. and it absolutely rocks !!! Tempauspexbeast is the real thing in no combat meta. Even can burn a War Ghoul in one round. If you have the guts to block it, you have to take into account that you can take four agravated damage. If you have combat ends and he plays pocket out ot time there´s no way you don´t end in torpor. If you bounce, you can be tangled. If you take the bleed, then multiaction and then comes the rush. If you want to banish it, you have to cope with quicksilver contemplation.
    It´s a deck with amazing flexibility and resources and with three stealth almost shurely in playing summoning beast action with Nergal´s special it´s rather difficult to stop this action.
    On the other side, thanks villein + great beast + golconda bloating you can affort to play another vampire with temporis and easily cope with infernal penalty.

    Txus was also a little bit dissappointed with your choice. Having been selected with his deck Bankia, he was also for shure that you would select True Nergal, as he thought this deck is as good as it if not better.

    To assess the greatness of this deck I invite you to make your own version of this deck and test it by yourself ( nevertheless the story of this deck is incredible, as it had baptism of fire by first time being played directly on tournament. First table, first sweep ! After that it took the victory of the tournament against veteran players playing tier 1 decks (AAA turbo-parity, Malgorzata & Co crypt engine)… also Txus is a true genius playing decks without any test before, must I say.)

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