One comment on “Results VEKN Marketing Survey Results

  1. I think one VERY important thing was ignored (or better to say the question wasn’t put exactly right) – will we accept POD “distribution” model for the next expansion only and will we continue looking for someone to buy the franchise and continue printing cards via the usual CCG model OR will the POD (if accepted, seems like it right now) be the default model indefinitely?
    (If so, I’ll probably sell my cards right now and go play Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh or whatever, even collecting NHL player cards is better than POD as a main distribution model for one of the most prolific CCGs of all times. Or send me 40 Villeins and 40 Ashurs and we’ll all play Girls…, some fun will it be, woooo!)
    There ARE worse models than POD, should VTES become an LCG I’d probably DONATE my cards. :-)

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