7 comments on “Deck of the Month: October 2012: Chorripan Festival

  1. “and perhaps a cardname”. I reckon that CardName have a power only equal to the mystery that shroud it, but more information may be good :p

  2. Actually it seems Ralf that you’ve misread Paul’s decklist (419 Operation Wall) a bit.

    It is a 90 card deck (not 75) and there are 7 (not 2) copies of each Fleetness, Slam and Torn Signpost :)

    So you’ve read all his “7s” as “2s”.
    Noticed this when I started building the deck based on the decklist I had gotten from him at the EC.

  3. You’re right ( I think). Paul’s handwriting is a bit .. hazy .. and 75 cards decksize seemed to neat. ;)
    I have updated the deck list as per your suggestions (and updated the deck description/name).

  4. “Paul’s handwriting is a bit .. hazy ”

    lol, indeed.
    Then again, I’m really the pot calling the kettle black here… :)

  5. Hi all, your absolutely right about my handwriting it is like a spider crawled across the page. Cheers for the heads up Janne. I must say I’m a little chuffed that people are talking about my deck, that has made my day.

    I have made a few changes since the EC mainly down to conversations with Janne and other players there is a few more pursuit, toying with the idea of nose of the hound, smiling jack, flurry of action and maybe the heart of cheating.

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